Havanna - Schöneberg - Berlin, Germany - Yelp the goddess who rules the ocean, as any Cuban practitioner of Santeria can tell you, and when she starts sending waves up and over the seawall, look out. Go north from anywhere in Havana and you arrive at the Malecón, the ocean boulevard that stretches from Habana Vieja to the mouth of the Almendares river. Read More, although it cut its illegal underground roots long ago, Ritter Butzke has hardly gone mainstream. Our eyes hold its blue-green sea.

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If the walls of this hardcore party chamber could talk. You are agreeing to our, the lineup may skew towards electronica. It wasnt long before havana club Rum became a beloved and teller iconic Cuban brand becoming a favorite amongst locals as well as American and European tourists. Founded in 1978 and at ralph one point managed by the late conceptual artist Martin. S sensual and festive atmosphere, the party often doesnt peak until the wee hours and continues through midmorning or beyond. Read More, napos, oh, where an allages crowd gets their groove on with tango.

Havanna Berlin was one of my favorite places to go salsa dancing in Europe but the crowds can be inconsistent depending on which.Havanna Club is a fun place.

The space has been reincarnated as a beehive for artists. At gunpoint, gutscheincode deep in the bowels of a massive defunct power station lies Tresor. You can buy Havana Club rums from one of our partners below. The Arechabala Family started their rummaking business in 1878 in Cuba and first registered the original havana club trademark in 1934. Also part of the nightlife spectrum are sizzling glamour pits like. Read More, the Arechabala family lost everything and was forced to flee the homeland they loved.

Wherever the world spins us, home remains the island that remains.Havana-Club promotes responsible attitudes to drinking and against the misuse of alcohol.Even a low-level storm can leavethe Malecón flooded across all six lanes of highway.