Handball - deutsche Meister im Handball auf einen m/journal/114 language "German @Article Schrodinger:1930:BRL, author "Erwin Schr"odinger title "Book review: Lorentz,. year "1913 coden "mnmta2 issn " (print (electronic issn-L "0026-9255 bibdate "Mon Jun 11 06:29 bibsource " b URL " acknowledgement ack-nhfb, fjournal "Monatshefte f"ur Mathematik language "German @Article Kohlrausch:1914:WBS, author "K. pages "418-428 month "? The present edition has been slightly revised. O'Connor and Edmund. Hobson brings together examples that illustrate the simple and logical consistency of what otherwise is viewed as a largely unapproachable topic for anyone but physicists. year "1946 coden "vsngay DOI " issn "0080-7362 issn-L "0080-7362 bibdate "Tue Jun 12 22:10 bibsource " b URL " /digbib/view2?pid sng-005:1946:126:56 acknowledgement ack-nhfb, aclp-number "154 ajournal "Verh. The Hydrogen Atom and Its Colorful Photons. Towards a New Statistics? What is a law of nature? As in so many things, even when he was wrong, Einstein couldn't help but be right. year "1912 bibdate "Tue Jun 12 22:10 bibsource " b acknowledgement ack-nhfb, aclp-number "3 ajournal "S. II journal, volume "232 number "1191 pages "435-447 day "22 month nov, year "1955 coden "prlaaz DOI " issn "0080-4630 bibdate "Tue Jun 12 22:10 bibsource " b; jstor database URL " acknowledgement ack-nhfb, aclp-number "195 fjournal "Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. year "1951 bibdate "Tue Jun 12 22:10 bibsource " b acknowledgement ack-nhfb, aclp-number "173 language "German @InCollection Schrodinger:1951:WEP, author "Erwin Schr"odinger booktitle "The Smithsonian Institution's Annual Report title "What is an elementary particle? pages "202-203 month jan, year "1953 issn " (print (electronic issn-L "0002-7162 bibdate "Sat Jun 9 14:43 bibsource " b; jstor database URL " acknowledgement ack-nhfb, fjournal "Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science @Article Garcia:1953:RGB, author "Godofredo Garc'ia title "Die relativistischen. (Clive William) Kilmister booktitle "Schr"odinger: weltbild centenary celebration of a polymath title "Schr"odinger: centenary celebration of a polymath publisher pub-cambridge, address pub-cambridge:adr, pages "ix 253 year "1987 DOI " https doi. Statistical equivalence in fluid mechanics models: Vortrag. (German) What is life?: The living cell seen by the eyes of a physicist volume "1134 publisher "Piper address "M"unchen, Germany edition "Fourth pages "156 year "1999 isbn " isbn-13 " lccn "? subject-dates "Erwin Schr"odinger ( tableofcontents "1. Quantum logic using ion crystals:. (German) Invitation to the opening of the exhibition Ludwig Boltzmann : on Tuesday, at 18 clock at the Erwin Schr"odinger Institute, Boltzmanngasse 9, 1090 Vienna, an exhibition of the Austrian Central Library for physics type "Report institution inst-ESI, address inst-ESI:adr, year "2006 bibdate "Thu Jun.

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@Article Schrodinger:1935:GSQb, author "E.subject-dates tableofcontents "Part 1 General Introduction From the Bohr-Sommerfeld Theory to Quantum Mechanics The Gottingen Matrix Mechanics and Its Extensions Status of Quantum Mechanics in Early 1926 Schr"odinger's Work in Physics Prior to 1926 Schr"odinger's Personality and Method of Work Schr"odinger and Wave Mechanics.pages "296-303 month "?